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Festivals, markets & events in Aschaffenburg

Our changing highlights show the diversity of Aschaffenburg with awakening anticipation. No month passes without a minor or major event taking place. The markets also exude a special flair – from the weekly markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays to pottery and craft markets in the palace courtyard to the traditional Aschaffenburg christmas market.

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In case of relocation, all cards remain valid. In this case, you may decide whether to keep or return the tickets. The return or payment is made through the place where they were purchased. In case of cancellations, tickets must also be returned and paid out there. If you have any questions about rescheduled dates, you can also contact the organizer directly – the contact information or the name of the organizer is on your ticket.

Aschaffenburger Wochenmarkt (Foto: Till Benzin)

Market days

Every Wednesday & Saturday from 7am to 2pm

The Aschaffenburg weekly market is proven to be the most traditional market in the time-honored Spessart metropolis and can be traced back to the 12th century. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, up to 50 traders from the surrounding area offer their products in a picturesque atmosphere on the Schlossplatz. These include food of all kinds, products of fruit and garden cultivation, agriculture, forestry and fishing. On Saturdays during the summer months you will find the popular wine stand.

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Aschaffenburg Guitar Festival

From February to March

The Aschaffenburg Guitar Festival is one of the oldest events of its kind in Germany. Every year, they offer a big stage to world stars of the guitar scene, young artists and students of the music school.

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Fischmarkt Aschaffenburg (Foto: Till Benzin)

Original Hamburg fish market

From April to May

Just in time for the start of the event series "Summer in Aschaffenburg", a piece of the North Sea spills into Aschaffenburg. The Hamburg Fish Market on the Move will be staged in front of the impressive backdrop of Johannisburg Castle on Schlossplatz in Aschaffenburg from April 20 to May 1, 2023.

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Schlosskonzerte – palace concerts


In the beautiful ambience of the Ridinger Hall, the Collegium Musicum Aschaffenburg performs classical concerts with top-class soloists.

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Park Schönbusch  (Foto: Till Benzin)

Schönbusch Serenades

May to September

Every year during the summer months, three exquisite chamber concerts are held in the atmospheric festival hall in the centre of Schönbusch Park. The park provides the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll before the events and during the interval.

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Volksfest  (Foto: Till Benzin)

Aschaffenburger Volksfest


With 500,000 visitors, the Volksfest in Aschaffenburg, located directly on the banks of the Main River against the backdrop of Johannisburg Castle, is considered the largest in the southeastern Rhine-Main region. The primary goal is to present an attractive and balanced range of rides, entertaining performances and culinary delights every year.

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Carillon & Percussion Festival (Foto: Till Benzin)

Carillon & Percussion Festival


Bell ringers from home and abroad will make the carillon ring! In addition to the carillon concerts, the festival will be complemented by a live percussion show on the stage in the castle courtyard. The carillonneurs' concerts will be livestreamed to an LED screen in the castle courtyard, turning the previously auditory carillon into a visual experience. The tower music and the concerts in the castle offer a special musical treat.

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Schloss Johannisburg

Kulturtage arts festival

June to July

The city's diverse cultural offerings are also reflected in the program and also delight art lovers with numerous special exhibitions! State, municipal, church and private institutions participate with a varied program that culminates in the museum night in July.

More Information about the Kulturtage arts festival Aschaffenburg

Fest für Vielfalt

Festival for diversity


Over three days, visitors will find a colourful mix of delicious food, cultural presentations, music, games and activities, discussions and information. The focus is on getting to know other cultures, overcoming prejudice and recognising similarities. In partnership, the city of Aschaffenburg, the Stadtjugendring Aschaffenburg and the participating groups and associations have set new priorities. Here, people from many nations demonstrate how peaceful coexistence and respect work in Aschaffenburg.

More Information about the Fest für Vielfalt


Aschaffenburger Bach Festival


The Bach Festival is a series of high-calibre events that draw people from far and wide. Every year, concerts, church music events and culture tours cover a range of themes.

More Information about the Bachtage Aschaffenburg - Aschaffenburg Bach Festival

Crafts Market (Foto: Till Benzin)

Arts and crafts market


Since 1987, the arts and crafts market in the historic ambience of Aschaffenburg's castle courtyard has been a center of attraction for lovers of upscale arts and crafts. 80 to 90 artisans from all over Germany and neighboring countries regularly come to the Main city on the first weekend in August to offer their work. In addition to goldsmiths, ceramists, glassblowers and brush makers, rare crafts are also on display. Since 2020, the artisans' market has been held on the Stiftsberg (behind the town hall). Admission is free.

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Aschaffenburger Stadtfest  (Foto: Till Benzin)

Aschaffenburger Stadtfest


Every year on the last weekend in August, the Bavarian town on the banks of the Lower Main is transformed into a giant festival site, with many of the squares, streets and alleys in the town centre turned into venues for open-air concerts, comedy, entertainment and enjoying food and drink. Numerous restaurants, craft stalls, and music from regional and national bands represent Aschaffenburg’s sense of culture and civic pride.

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Weihnachtsmarkt Aschaffenburg (Foto: Till Benzin)


November to December

Festively decorated christmas market stands in the light of twinkeling lights announce Aschaffenburgs christmas market every year. The smell of hot cider, candied almonds, potato pancakes and fried sausage is in the air and invites you for a pre-christmas stroll in front of the picturesque castle. Over dimensional christmas pyramides are greating the guests from all over the region. With manger accesories, candles and glasses, craftwork and all kinds of presents, you can buy nearly everything here that the advent season has to offer. A franconian style christmas manger with life-sized wooden characters is the center of the christmas market.

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