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Aschaffenburg for dog owners

For anyone looking for a weekend break or holiday with their dog, we have created a list of destinations in Aschaffenburg for dog owners. Please keep our beautiful town clean by clearing up after your pet and taking poop bags with you. We hope you have a pleasant stay in Aschaffenburg!

Mainufer ©H. Leue

The Main riverbank

Starting from Flosshafen, the promenade runs downstream along the riverbank, past a miniature golf course and a boat landing stage towards Johannisburg Palace. The lawns along the Perth Inch section of the riverbank are a popular picnic spot. They are named after the Scottish city of Perth, which is twinned with Aschaffenburg. From here, the path leads across the playground and along Oberer Hofweg up to the impressive palace. Alternatively, you can use the palace steps. At Theoderichstor gate, the grass-covered area widens to provide plenty of space to play with your dog. After that, the path snakes through the narrow gap between the river Main and some steep cliffs, before opening up again to a vista of the vineyard below the Roman villa. There is room here to let your dog run around, and you can continue walking on the path along the Main river.

Park Schöntal Sommer ©W. Gulder

Park Schöntal

The park in the heart of Aschaffenburg is ideal for a leisurely stroll. In the summer, a wide variety of shrubs burst into bloom in vibrant colours. Notable features in the park include Bavaria’s largest magnolia grove and the ruins of the "Holy Sepulchre Church", which burned down in 1552. The remnants of the building are now perched on an island, creating a picture-perfect scene. In the eastern part of the park you’ll find the old orangery that now houses two restaurants and a beer garden, as well as the Hofgarten Kabarett comedy theatre. There is a large playground here to keep the children occupied. Please keep your dog on a leash and ensure that you clean up after it.

Großmutterwiese Ludwigsbrunnen ©W. Gulder


The Grossmutterwiese – literally ‘the grandmother’s meadow’ – is a green space between Schöntal Park and Fasanerie Park that offers plenty of recreational and leisure options for all ages. Unlike some parks or gardens, walking and playing on the grass are positively encouraged here. The small wood contains an area reserved for boules players. During the summer, the park’s main attractions are its large play fountain, ideal for kids, and the beach volleyball court. Another eye-catching feature is the Ludwigsbrunnen fountain, which was moved to the Grossmutterwiese from its original site in Offenes Schöntal. It is a monument to King Ludwig I of Bavaria, who was responsible for the building of the Pompeiianum, among other things. From the fountain, an avenue lined with chestnut trees leads straight through Grossmutterwiese to Grünbrücke Park. The perfect place for families, and plenty of room for dogs to burn off some energy.

Fasanerie ©W. Gulder

Fasanerie Park

Covering more than 50 hectares, it contains landscaped elements, such as meandering paths, a lake and a cascade. The large area has plenty of space for young children to run around to their hearts’ content, while also providing a range of fitness facilities for adults and seniors. The Spessart Hills Trail no.1 passes here on its way towards Godelsberg hill, and is ideally suited to dogs.

Dogs must be kept on a lead in all green spaces and in Fasanerie Park, but they can be let off the lead in the back part of the park. Please keep our beautiful town clean by clearing up after your pet and taking poop bags with you.

Urbani Häcker ©Winzerei Orth

Godelsberg hill

Godelsberg hill is located right on the doorstep of Aschaffenburg. Now covered in dense woodland, it boasts idyllic walking trails, such as the Spessart Hills Trail no. 1, as well as stunning views across the town from the ‘Devil’s Pulpit’. Passing Kippenburg castle, you reach the popular Urbani wine tavern run by the Orth vinemakers. You can stop off for a break and a bite to eat here and try some regional wine while taking in the wonderful views over the vineyards. Dogs are welcome. At Godelsberg hill, Aschaffenburg’s historical band of green spaces merges seamlessly into the open natural landscape of the Spessart hills.

Übernachten mit Hund Aschaffenburg (Foto: Josh Rakower – Unsplash)


For hotel overnight-stays we suggest the Dormero-hotel in the Goldbacher Straße or Hotel Zum Goldenen Ochsen in the Karlstraße. They are currently the only hotel within the city that also welcomes dogs:

Dormero Hotel Aschaffenburg
Goldbacher Str. 29
63739 Aschaffenburg
Tel.: +49 6021 371300

Hotel Zum Goldenen Ochsen am Schlossgarten
Karlstraße 16
Tel.: +49 6021 23132