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hiking in and around Aschaffenburg

There are plenty of opportunities for long walks in Aschaffenburg’s many parks and gardens, and in the nearby mixed forests of the Spessart hills, home to the famous Spessart oak trees. The network of signposted trails has a variety of options for family walks, one-day hikes and multi-day tours. The Spessartbogen Trail and routes 1 to 3 of the Spessart Hills Trail are among those that you find on the tour portal.

Erbig ©W. Gulder

hiking in Aschaffenburg

With its many green spaces, parks and gardens, Aschaffenburg itself offers many opportunities for walking. If you don’t have a car, you can hop on a bus from the regional bus station (ROB), next to the main train station, to get to the starting point of your walk.

The ‘Wandern in Aschaffenburg’ (walking in Aschaffenburg) leaflet contains five tours between 4km and 13km in length, and further information about the tours.

You can download a PDF here or pick up a copy at the Aschaffenburg tourist information office.

Obernauer Kapelle (Foto: Till Benzin)

Hiking in Aschaffenburg – culture trails I to VII

The Spessart Archaeological Project saw the creation of many cultural trails including seven special walking routes in Aschaffenburg. These marked footpaths are designed to give walkers a deeper insight into the history and culture of the Spessart hills. The region’s historical relics, changing landscapes and cultural associations are not always immediately apparent. That’s why each of the cultural trails is structured around a key theme with a series of information panels explaining the significance of particular sites on the route.

The following cultural trails have been created in Aschaffenburg:

Spessartweg (Foto: Till Benzin)

hiking in the Spessart hills

The Spessart hills cover an area of nearly 2,500 square kilometres. The nature park provides a stunning backdrop for all types of walks, from loops and stages to one-day hikes and multi-day tours.

Tour portals and tips can be found here: