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golf & miniature golf

Main Golf ©Till Benzin

adventure miniature golf

A miniature golf adventure for all the family. Adventure golf is a type of miniature golf with added fun. The game is played with proper golf clubs on greens with many natural obstacles. The fairways are between 8 and 22 meters long with undulating terrain. Key to mastering this game is the ability to read the terrain and hit the ball with the right amount of force.

Golfclub Hösbach ©Aschaffenburger Golfclub

Aschaffenburg golf club

The golf club scores points for the interesting layout of its holes and for its glorious views of the pretty foothills of the Spessart. Players and guests alike are drawn to the beautiful terrace to relax, while the Heigenberger restaurant offers excellent food in a great setting.

Golfpark Rosenhof

Nestling in the beautiful surroundings of the Niedernberg vineyards, Golfpark Rosenhof features an inland links design with sandy soil that can be played on throughout the year. The course is the result of one man’s vision for an exceptional, 18-hole championship course in the old Scottish style.