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Cycling in and around Aschaffenburg

As the gateway to the Spessart hills, Aschaffenburg is the perfect starting point for leisurely cycling, more ambitious cycle tours and great mountain biking. Choose your route, take time out and immerse yourself in nature!

Aschaffenburg’s Grünes Rad (green wheel) trail

Along the trail’s 48 kilometres, the northern and southern routes showcase the countryside, historical parks and protected green spaces, and the orchards and forests around Aschaffenburg. Explore the town’s verdant surroundings on a leisurely tour that mostly sticks to footpaths, cycle paths, and forest and farm tracks away from traffic. Simply follow the Grünes Rad Aschaffenburg logo on the local cycle path signs.

Nordroute Grünes Rad ©Stadtplanungsamt AB

North route

Length: 24.7km

The northern route of the Grünes Rad trail starts where the two routes meet at the Grünbrücke by Fasanerie Park. It follows two historical green spaces, Grossmutterwiese and Schöntal, passes Johannisburg Palace and continues to the Main river. The red sandstone of the Renaissance palace’s four wings is visible from far and wide, as is the Pompeiianum, an idealised replica of a Roman country villa. Following the River Main Cycle Route to Mörswiesenstrasse, the route heads for the forest through Hasenhägweg in the district of Strietwald. In the Steinbach valley, it joins a woodland discovery trail until you reach the myth-enshrouded ruins of Menzenmühle. You will have to get off here and push for around 100 metres, before your journey continues along a gravel track to Steinbach. The climb up Rosenberg hill is rewarded with fabulous views across the town. The route then descends on a slight gradient through Strietwald forest, passing Nordfriedhof cemetery and a row of orchards to Damm and the Aschaff river. Heading east on the cycle path along the Aschaff river, it passes through residential areas from Damm to the centre of Goldbach, before turning towards Kugelberg and Fasanerie Park. After cycling through Fasanerie Park, the journey ends where it began at the Grünbrücke.

Northern route – push sections

  • There is a very short but steep section with a poor surface at Menzenmühle in the Steinbach valley. For safety reasons, we recommend pushing your bicycle here.

"Grünes Rad" flyer

"Grünes Rad" map

Cycle parking in the town centre

Südroute Grünes Rad ©Stadtplanungsamt AB

South route

Length: 23.4km

The southern route of the Grünes Rad trail starts where the two routes meet at the Grünbrücke by Fasanerie Park. It heads along Fasanerie Park, Krämersgrund and Berliner Allee towards Würzburger Strasse, before passing through the residential area of Schweinheim to Königsgraben, and turning into Reiterweg. It then follows Reiterweg towards Obernau Forest by the Exe and Altenbach valley nature conservation area (NSG Exe). You can stop off here and watch the Mongolian wild horses and Heck cattle from the viewing platform. Heading through Obernau Forest, you pass Obernau chapel and through the Bahnhofstrasse underpass to Obernau barrage. Get off your bike here and push it for 150 metres across to the River Main Cycle Route on the other side towards Aschaffenburg. This takes you to the water works, where a drinking fountain offers an opportunity for a break. The route then passes industrial buildings to Grossostheimer Strasse, and along Nilkheim Park and Schönbusch Park to Kleine Schönbuschallee. This tree-lined path leads to Willigisbrücke bridge and the promenade on the Main river. The route continues beneath the lime trees in Lamprechtstrasse and along Alexandrastrasse to Schöntal Park, and follows Würzburger Strasse and Grünewaldstrasse until its ends where it began at the Grünbrücke.

Southern route – push sections

  • Obernau barrage: there are steps here on both sides and a push section across the river. The path on the Niedernberg side is currently being refurbished, so a temporary diversion has been set up.
  • Schönbusch Park: the route briefly passes through the park. Please observe the ban on cycling in the park and push the short distance.

"Grünes Rad" flyer

"Grünes Rad" map

Cycle parking in the town centre

Der MainRadweg (Logo: FrankenTourismus, Nürnberg)


Across almost 600 kilometres, the River Main Cycle Route provides many unforgettable sights. From the source of the Red Main, or alternatively of the White Main, the route passes through Kulmbach and continues through varied landscapes to the confluence of the Main and Rhine rivers near Mainz/Gustavsburg. Along the way, you can reward yourself for all that exercise by stopping to sample the regional food and drink. In Kulmbach and Bamberg, in the region popularly known as ‘beer Franconia’, you can sample local beers, before heading to ‘wine Franconia’ in Kitzingen and Würzburg. Further along in Aschaffenburg, you can look forward to trying the local appelwöi cider.

Information about the tour, planning your itinerary, accommodation and plenty more is available in the River Main Cycle Route brochure published by Tourismusverband Franken in Nuremberg. Further information is also available at


Please note: From June to September, the Main cycle path between Willigisbrücke and Nilkheimer Park will be closed. A supply line is being built here before the Main cycle path is extended. A diversion has been set up for cyclists via the cycle path signposting network along Großostheimer Straße.

Radfahren in Aschaffenburg (Foto: Till Benzin)

Tour portal

Once you cycle out of Aschaffenburg, you soon find yourself surrounded by the natural beauty of the densely wooded Spessart hills. Cycle paths of varying difficulty lead through shady mixed forests past flowering meadows and cooling streams. There’s nothing like burning off some energy in the great outdoors!

A comprehensive tour portal is available at

»E-Bike-Touren (© Tourismusverband Spessart-Mainland/Holger Leue)«

Special tours for e-bikes

The WaldErfahren brochure (explore the forest) is full of suggestions for relaxing cycle tours. It also shows where you can find charging stations for your e-bike, and where there are typical Franconian inns, idyllic beer gardens and picnic areas nearby to while away the time while your bike is charging.

Active e-bike charging points in Aschaffenburg:

1) Schlossgasse
2) Hauptbahnhof - Main train station
3) City Galerie
4) Landratsamt - district office

A map of the charging point locations in and around Aschaffenburg is available here

»Mountainbike-Touren (© Tourismusverband Spessart-Mainland/Holger Leue)«

Mountain biking in the Spessart hills

The Spessart hills are simply made for keen mountain bikers, as they provide perfect conditions for cruising up and downhill on a signposted network of trails.

In Bikewald Spessart around Frammersbach, for example, there are over 870 kilometres of signposted trails. The network can be explored at

The tour portal for mountain biking in Hessen Spessart Nature Park (e.g. around Bad Orb) can be found at